Cladding Profiles

Ulltraclad® is available in 5 profiles.  Each profile lends itself to a different style of building, allowing Ulltraclad® to be used on both residential and commercial buildings. The profile depths range from 140mm to 205mm, with a width of 15mm.


UlltraClad Aluminium Cladding Profiles

Traditional Weatherboard Profile:

Traditional Profile

Shadoline Weatherboard Profile:

Shadoline Profile

Infinity Weatherboard Profile:

Infinity Profile

TeeBoard Weatherboard Profile:

Tee Board Profile

Corrugate Weatherboard Profile:

Corrugate Profile

Standard Weatherboard Profile:

Standard Profile

The standard colour range for UlltraClad® has been chosen to complement existing roofing colours from COLORSTEEL®. Many other colour choices are available on request. ... see colours